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I'm Candi Garrett, a creative executive specializing through film and video with world-class branded-engagement. With equal parts distinctive artistry and an enterprising mentality, I bring results in business. My solutions can be scaled from the needs of solo entrepreneurs to large-scale corporate media campaigns. Contact me and let's bring your vision to life.

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My Story

From early interest and homespun video experiments to sold out showings of personal projects and work on blockbuster sets, Garrett brings a human-centric, grounded, and style rich approach to content. As a filmmaker, Garrett founded her own company and worked with producer/writer Nakia Stephens to leverage burgeoning local talent and create her first film, Suga Water, a landmark short that sold out Atlanta’s historic Plaza Theatre and helped launch young star Priah Ferguson (Erin Sinclair, Stranger Things).  The film was also a BronzeLens Festival nominee and won her a Black Women’s Film Network, Best of Festival Award.

Garrett first discovered her love for visual media as a young teen in eastern Alabama. She immediately challenged herself to unique approaches with stop motion, analog editing systems, and experimenting with video and music. Her dedication led her to film school at Georgia State University in Atlanta and a Bachelor’s in Arts. While minoring in marketing she also discovered a love for advertising. While still in school, Garrett founded Live View Productions and produced vast content including music video and dynamic events and additionally provided broadcast media coverage and candid behind-the-scenes footage. The company diversified their portfolio with promotional material for professionals and small businesses including mogul and influencer Lauryn England.  Garrett also worked on major Hollywood productions including Baby Driver, Transformers: The Last Knight, and 24: Legacy. 

Following the success of Suga Water, Garrett continued to collaborate.  The film Architect Blues was directed alongside writer/producer Adriana Cherelle. Garrett’s docustyle emphasizes elements of provocative direction that unfold as though the viewer is participating in real time. Several projects have followed to critical acclaim. Garrett’s unique approach to the medium enhances productions of every scale and while the style stands out in artistic work, it is especially striking in the series created for small business and entrepreneurial efforts whether in digital marketing campaigns or interactive social media through Live View Productions. Lending an energized and branded eye to companies in motion, Garrett continues to exceed the heightened industry standard in connecting companies with their audiences.

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